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RIP “Glenn Beck”

Posted in current events, opinion, politics with tags , , , on June 30, 2011 by Kyle Fleming

Do you really believe that I could, or anybody here at Fox News could, just make things up and remain on the air?… If I get out of control and start leveling baseless charges that can’t be backed up, guess what happens: I’m fired. I lose my job.

After two and a half crazy years, Glenn Beck is off of Fox News. Earlier today, Glenn Beck took a wistful look back on his time on Fox, trying to prove that his going off the air was his choice, and not because he was fired, or because of his nearly 400 lost advertisers thanks to organizations like Media Matters (which made the montage of Beck clips above) and the Stop Beck Campaign.

While I didn’t see the final episode, I certainly heard a lot about it from people on Twitter who were live-Tweeting, and apparently, what a show it was. He spent the whole hour talking about his new venture, GBTV, an Internet TV station where Beck has free reign over what is broadcast, which, given what he was getting away with on Fox, could be anything.

Love him or hate him, you have to admit that Beck is one of the most charismatic TV/radio personalities out there. You may agree with what he says, or you think he’s completely insane, but you can’t help but admire how he gets people talking.

What I like best about the above video, though, is that is apparently illustrates Beck’s tenure on Fox News. At first, he was this charismatic television host that, while he said some pretty controversial things sometimes, was generally fun to watch. By the time he left the network, he was pretty much a misinformation machine, wildly shouting whatever was the first thing that came to his mind. With all of his talk of the approaching “Perfect Storm,” “Spooky Dude” George Soros, or Islamic Fascism and Marxist Socialism, he was essentially reduced to the blabbering idiot you see from about 9:23 on.

While Beck is now off of cable television, there’s still a media empire at his disposal: radio, Internet, books. All of it can be used to say whatever he wants to say, however controversial, confrontational, and just plain wrong it is. Beck has constantly said that he only looks like a buffoon on TV because people take his words out of context, but even in context, it’s hard to believe that people would take the hatred that he spewed seriously. And in some cases, Beck’s word is Gospel truth.

In the spirit of Beck, who has made many a point by playing audio of “their own words” to incriminate them, I refer you to the last few moments of the Media Matters video which includes a quote from the Eric Massa episode (one of the most deliciously awkward episodes I’ve ever witnessed), because I feel it accurately sums up how most of the world felt about the Glenn Beck Program:

America, I’m gonna shoot straight with you: I think I’ve wasted your time, and I apologize for that.

Good-bye, Glenn Beck. Good luck. And good riddance.

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