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8/28 – Historic Day, or Waste of Time?

Posted in current events, politics with tags , , , , on August 30, 2010 by Kyle Fleming

Saturday marked an historic day for America. 47 years ago Saturday, Martin Luther King, Jr., gave his “I Have A Dream” speech at his March on Washington, calling for equality, having people judged not by the color of their skin, but the content of their character. The Civil Rights Movement was put into action on that historic day.

And on Saturday, Glenn Beck called for the movement to be taken back.

In his speech, Beck said that the civil rights movement was about “people of faith looking for equal justice”. Beck’s speech was highly religious, as he had stated in several interviews that the event was to be apolitical.

But while Beck’s rally is meant to bring America “back to God” and be a sort of rallying cry for the Tea Party, all it really did was gather a bunch of people together to hear Beck wax prophetic for an hour.

I’ll admit: I was not at the rally, nor did I watch or listen to coverage about the rally. I was busy driving home from Colorado that day, listening to whatever came on my Zune during my trip. But I was receiving live Tweets about the rally, ranging from news of the rally to snarky comments about the rally and Beck himself (my personal favorite: @HookerAddict: “Dr. King’s dream is alive, cuz I’m judging the F___ out of the content of Beck & Palin’s character.”)

The main idea I’m getting from all of the coverage is that the rally was far from powerful. A reporter from the Daily Kos said that if the “Master Plan” was revealed on Saturday, no one got it, because no one at the rally was really paying attention. And while the rally was generally a peaceful event, like all Tea Party rallies, it had its fair share of lunatics causing trouble and wearing T-shirts with hateful, racist slogans on them.

Glenn Beck, commentator-turned-revivalist, appeared to miss the mark. Glenn Beck is powerful to the masses when talking history and politics, but apparently not as powerful when preaching. Whether the 78,000 or 87,000 or 500,000 people in attendance received a powerful message is purely individual. And whether or not Glenn Beck “stole” MLK’s historic day is yet to be determined.

The thing that bothers me most about the rally was that there was a lot of rhetoric, but not a lot being done about it. You can talk equality and fighting back and restoring honor all you want, but when you have no bite to back up the bark, it’s hard to take a movement seriously. Not to mention that, in true Beck fashion, much of what was talked about on Saturday will be largely forgotten when it comes time to tear down social justice and everything progressives are doing to tear down America.

What is for certain is that Washington, DC, had a gathering of people who banded together to exercise their First Amendment rights. Whether they will follow through with their call to arms is another story.

While you may not agree with everything the fringe Conservatives do–and Lord knows I don’t–you can’t help but be impressed by a self-professed rodeo clown who managed to gather a group of like-minded people in an effort to change America.