Unions vs. Wisconsin

No. No way.

It’s the first words that popped into my head when I read the news that Wisconsin state Senators voted to drastically reduce collective bargaining rights for unions in order to help eliminate a budget shortfall.

It’s unfortunate and frustrating that this happened. The measure that passed virtually eliminated the right for unions to collectively bargain for pay raises unless a referendum is passed. It also requires a virtual pay cut, in that more money will be put toward government worker pensions.

Normally I try to make these entries a certain length, but there’s nothing I can say that won’t be said by everyone else. Most government workers are barely making enough money to live on as it is, and while redirecting some of that money to health care plans and pensions is a good idea, that means there is less money in the pay check.

The only thing that’s left to do is for the people of Wisconsin to do their part and get out and vote in the next election. Voting is always important, and now there is a chance to make a difference. If you strongly disagree with the tactics and decisions that were made in the past couple of days, get out and vote. Get rid of those shady people who spout empty promises. Make a difference.

Stay strong, Wisconsin.

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