Constitutionally Reprehensible

Illegal immigration is a topic that has been on everyone’s mind for years. How do we solve the problem of Mexicans crossing the border to steal our jobs and our welfare? How do we stop illegals from coming into the country and having their babies, in the hope that they will have a better life in the States?

Some people are suggesting changing the Constitution. Those people are stupid.

The 14th Amendment states that anyone born in the United States is automatically a US citizen, and as such, no state can stop them from having full rights as a citizen. Many politicians, mainly Republicans, are saying that the 14th Amendment should be repealed, to prevent Mexican parents from dropping “anchor babies” in the States, to stop practicing “drop and leave” tactics.

Again, these people are stupid.

To address the same thing that has been addressed over and over again, having a child in the States doesn’t mean that the parents will have automatic citizenship. The child can bring their parents back to the states, but first they have to be 21, and they have to petition the government, and then there is a ten year waiting period, and then, if all goes well, the parents may enter the US with a green card. It’s the quickest way to citizenship, right?

But the big picture that these politicians are missing is one that they don’t seem to realize: the amendment applies to everyone in the country. Mexican, Black, White, Asian, European, every person born or naturalized in the US is a citizen.

Why is that so important? Because it means that if you repeal the 14th Amendment, not only will Mexican babies not be citizens, but babies born to other people in the states won’t be citizens either.

Imagine repealing the 14th Amendment. Congratulations, no longer is there the made-up infestation of “anchor babies!” Except now, when you have a kid, you have to fill out forms for it to be an American citizen. What was once an automatic thing that you didn’t have to worry about is suddenly a necessary process for having a child. Take the wife to the hospital, deliver the baby, apply for a Social Security Number, and begin work filling out forms for naturalization: the N-400, N-300, N-600, and so many others.

So much stress, and all because you didn’t want some dirty Mexican dropping their babies in the States.

Immigration is a touchy issue all around. The question of whether to grant amnesty to immigrants who want to join the military is one that is hotly debated. The economic impact of rounding up and deporting all illegal immigrants is such that America would probably be worse off without them than they would be leaving them alone. There have been talks of either relaxing or strengthening the immigration and naturalization process, and both sides make sense. There are convincing pros and cons for every option out there, and the problem may never be solved in my lifetime.

That being said, and to be as cliche as possible, repealing the Constitution is suicide, a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I’m glad that Republican powerhouses like Lou Dobbs and Mike Huckabee are speaking out against this proposal. It puts a smile on my face knowing that there are some Republicans that can think rationally about things, and not jump at the first idea they think will work.

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